Learn to treat a stiff shoulder in dogs with these techniques!

behandlig hund english Jul 11, 2024

As a dog owner, you may have experienced periods where your dog seems stiff and sore in the shoulder area. Perhaps not all exercises during training are as effective as before, or your dog takes shorter steps, or you simply feel that something is not quite right.

After all, the dog carries 60% of its body weight on the front part, so the shoulder joint is susceptible to injuries and overloading. Especially sled dogs can often develop tension in the shoulder area.

Most joints in the body have ligaments that support the joint on each side, but the shoulder joint lacks these ligaments. The joint capsule has ligaments inside that reinforce the joint internally, but it lacks external ligament reinforcement. This makes the shoulder joint more unstable than many other joints and entirely dependent on strong surrounding muscles to be stable.

The shoulder joint is formed between the upper part of the upper arm and the lower part of the shoulder blade. It is a ball-and-socket joint, capable...

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Common Health Problems In Dogs

english Jul 14, 2021

If you are a dog parent, you know how beautiful the experience of having a dog as a pet is. These furry canine friends bring positivity in your attitude with their cute cuddles and keep you healthy and active. Going with your pet for a walk or daily exercise keeps both of you in a physical state of well-being. But have you ever wondered what if your dog becomes ill? What are the common diseases in dogs? What are the possible outcomes of these diseases? What should you do for their treatment? Worry not; in this blog, we will tell you all the common heath problems your dog can suffer and their possible solutions. So scroll below to read more;

Common Health Problems in Dogs

There are many ailments and conditions which your dog can suffer from. Some of them do not pose a great deal of trouble to your canine fellow, while some can lead to a poor prognosis if not treated in time. Sometimes even a mild infection or cleanliness problem can lead to severe outcomes if not taken seriously. For...

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What to consider before you buy a puppy!

annet english Dec 27, 2020

There are so much more to think of - more than just how cute the puppy is. Here are som things to consider before you buy a puppy:

  1. Find a breed that suits your lifestyle and living situation. Speak with a dog instructor who knows the different breeds and who can recommend a breed that will suit your life and wishes.  I know how poorly it can go if you don’t choose a breed that fits into your life – not only for you, but also for the dog.


  1. Learn what diseases and ailments often affect the breed you’ve chosen. There are hardly any breeds that aren’t susceptible to a certain disease, so make sure you know what they are. Seek to understand what examinations the breeder should have done before they bred the parent animals, and what you should be on the lookout for to minimize the chances of ending up with a sick dog. A good breeder may have the occasional puppy with a physical divergence, and this doesn’t make them a bad breeder, but they...
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5 good reasons to trim your dog's nails on a regular basis!

english Dec 27, 2020

I felt like writing a bit about dog nail trimming. I know how quickly the days can go by – and the days can turn into weeks – before you remember to check your dog’s nails.

You may think that your dog will wear down its nails by itself or that it’s not so bad if they grow too long – but in reality, there are many reasons to keep an eye on nail length. Here are 5 good reasons:

  1. Keeping the nails short will prevent them from being pressed up against the toe when the dog walks. This is important during the rollover phase (where the toe is pressed down towards the ground as the dog takes a step forward). Long nails will put pressure on the small toe joints and your dog will be more likely to develop soreness – and, in a worst-case scenario, osteoarthritis.
  2. Your dog's nails are formed to point slightly towards the ground, so it can flex its toes to grip the surface or avoid slipping. But when the nails get too long, they will point further and...
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