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Line Østerhagen

I am passionate about animal welfare, and I want to help owners and those who want to work with animals learn more about the physical health of animals – whether it’s in order to become an animal therapist or a better owner. 

I have 18 years of clinical experience and 12 years’ education in physical treatments, therapies and medicine for horses, dogs and humans. I have written a book, and hold courses at home and abroad. 

It will make me very happy if you follow me on social media, and if you engage with the free materials I share or join one of my lectures or courses.

COMING SOON - “A strong and healthy dog – in play and performance”

- a step-by-step guide to canine physical training! 

All the information you need to train and take care of your dog’s body, from puppy to senior. 

Buy now and receive a FREE BONUS – an online course containing easy-to-follow video demonstrations of various exercises, assessment techniques and treatment techniques from the book.  

Read more about the book or buy it here

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