"Strong and healthy dog"

- a step-by-step guide to maintaining your dog’s skeletomuscular system. 

All the knowledge you need to train and maintain your dog’s body from puppy to senior.

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What they don’t teach you in regular dog courses

The body is the foundation for your dog to have good health, a good psyche, and live a long and happy life. Whether you’re a regular dog owner or you’re active in canine sports, this book will make you better able to understand and maintain your dog’s physical health. The book is easy to read and rich in explanatory photos. You’ll no longer wonder how much activity your puppy needs or what you can best do for your senior dog – this knowledge, and much more, you’ll find in these pages.

In a regular dog course, you will learn how to teach your dog tricks, but not how the body is strengthened or affected by the various exercises and equipment you use. This book expands your knowledge and gives you and your dog a more rounded training and daily life.

The book discusses:

  • the dog from puppy to senior
  • training of endurance, strength, coordination and balance
  • planning your training
  • your dog’s physical traits and how they affect its body
  • equipment and adjustment
  • how to easily examine, massage and perform stretches on your own dog
  • pain – what is it and how do you know when your dog is in pain?
  • rehabilitation and rehabilitation techniques
  • pains and ailments in the musculoskeletal system.


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Guro Nordhagen, dog breeder and elite hunter

“This book should be read by everyone who has or is about to get a dog. It goes through one of the most important and foundational concepts of the dog’s existence: its body. The subjects in the book will be relevant whether you have a healthy dog whose health you want to maintain or an injured dog who needs rehabilitation. Not to mention: the puppy. How to lay the best foundation to give your puppy a good start in the body it will have for life. With Line’s expertise, you are easily guided through the chapters in a simple and clear way.

“And when Line writes, ‘If you only knew what happens in the body and muscles when you exercise regularly, you would never dare insist of periods of inactivity, neither for you nor for your dogs,’ that really says it all.”

About the author

LINE TERESE ØSTERHAGEN is a horse and dog therapist who has built a successful clinic alongside starting a school for those who want to work with the treatment and rehabilitation of animals.

Line has 12 years’ education in massage on humans and animals, laser treatments, rehabilitation and physical treatment; a bachelor’s degree in acupuncture; a medical foundation degree; and further education in functional anatomy, on top of a number of courses and classes.

Line has 20 years’ clinical experience with dogs, horses and people, and regularly gives lectures and courses in several countries, as well as running online courses and selling products to owners.

Now, Line is helping even more people realize their dreams of working with animals.

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Hilde Ulvatne Marthinsen, dog instructor and obedience competitor

“Line explains in a simple way how you can make sure your dog has the right training, equipment and follow-up! This is the book every dog owner should have!”

Jeanette Sandbæk Håland, agility competitor

“This is one of those books that should be an obligatory part of any dog owner’s library. Both beginners and experienced owners will find reading this book useful. Even simple steps can make a huge difference. Complicated topics are made easy to understand with relatable examples. This is knowledge we owe it to our dogs to gain.”

Kjersti Jørgensen, agility competitor

“A very good overview of what, why and how you can train and maintain a healthy body – for the puppy, the young dog and the senior! A combination of decades of knowledge and experience. Strongly recommended!”

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Buy now and receive a FREE BONUS – an online course containing easy-to-follow video demonstrations of various exercises, assessment techniques and treatment techniques from the book. Worth $XX!

You get the book: xxx + the course: xxx + packaging and postage: xxx =  xxx in total
You pay just: XXX !!

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What do you and your dog gain from you reading this book? Here are some of the questions you’ll find answers to:

  • How much activity can you allow your puppy? (Who among us hasn’t been unsure about that?!)
  • Can your puppy walk up and down stairs?
  • When can your dog start pulling weight or carrying a backpack, and how do you start?
  • What should you pay attention to in your old dog to keep it in shape and give it a long and happy life?
  • How should you really be training? What is the difference between strength, endurance, coordination and balance, and how should these training forms be balanced?
  • How can you do simple base exercises for strength, coordination and balance outdoors?
  • How do you recognize when your dog has pain in its skeletomuscular system, and how can you help?
  • How can you evaluate your dog’s physical strengths and weaknesses?
  • How do you find the right equipment that won’t injure your dog in everyday life? What harness should you choose? How can you best adjust harnesses and other equipment to fit your dog?
  • How do you perform a basic assessment of your dog’s body and mobility?
  • What rehabilitation tools are good and available?
  • What is right and wrong when it comes to diseases and ailments in the musculoskeletal system? How do you recognize them and know what is actually normal?
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